FCKeditor - Sample

FCKeditor - ColdFusion Component (CFC) - Sample 2

This sample displays a normal HTML form with a FCKeditor with full features enabled; invoked by a ColdFusion Component.

This sample works only with a ColdFusion MX server and higher, because it uses some advantages of this version.
// Calculate basepath for FCKeditor. It's in the folder right above _samples basePath = Left(cgi.script_name, FindNoCase('_samples', cgi.script_name)-1); fckEditor = createObject("component", "#basePath#fckeditor"); fckEditor.instanceName = "myEditor"; fckEditor.value = 'This is some sample text. You are using FCKeditor.'; fckEditor.basePath = basePath; fckEditor.width = "100%"; fckEditor.height = 300; fckEditor.create(); // create the editor.